Things That Every Tiny House Should Have

In tiny houses, space is at a premium. Tiny house owners have to get creative and think out-of-the-box to make their living space functional and comfortable. A well-organized living space provides comfort and functionality without having to sacrifice a lot of space. Here are some of the things that every tiny house owner should have in their tiny houses for sale in nc.

Tankless On-Demand Water Heater

One of the first areas in the tiny house that will have to sacrifice space is the bathroom. A full-size bathroom is something that you will rarely find in a tiny home. Due to space restrictions, tiny house owners should set out to install tankless on-demand water heaters. They are extremely convenient as they do not have a huge tank that will take up space, and they heat the water as it is being used. They are also energy efficient and can be set to heat the water to the exact temperature that you like.

Ceiling-Mounted Fan

Air-conditioning units can be bulky and difficult to install, especially in tiny homes that might not offer a lot of space or just cannot have outside units due to regulations. The best solution is a ceiling-mounted fan that will help you stay cool in those hot summers. They are easy to install, quite inexpensive and there are a variety of models and designs that will fit in nicely with your tiny home.

Solar Panels

The cost of energy has been on the steady rise for several decades now, in addition to fossil-fuel related pollution that is lowering the quality of air among other things. Tiny home owners that are supporters of green and off-the-grid living can outfit their homes with solar panels, lowering their carbon footprint and their energy bills. Solar panels and energy storage systems have been dropping in price for a while now and are quite affordable. They are an investment that every tiny house owner should consider.

Combo Washer & Dryer

With the space at premium and a lack of laundry room, tiny house owners have to get creative when it comes to doing their laundry. Hand-powered washing machines are becoming more and more popular, but they still don’t solve the problem of drying your clothes, especially if outdoor drying is an issue in the area where your tiny house is. European-style horizontal combo washer and dryer machines are becoming more and more popular. They take up less space than a single standard washer or dryer, but can perform both functions. They do have a bit smaller capacity than regular units, but that just means that you might have to do laundry more often. They are also more energy efficient and fit into eco-living trend.

Every decision regarding furnishing a tiny house is a big one, since you will be forced to make compromises and focus on the essentials. This is why it is of utmost importance to choose furniture and appliances that will fit your needs, while preserving your living space. Every tiny house owner is unique, so the must-have items in their homes will differ.

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