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Why Finding Inner Peace is Important for Any Man Interested in Meeting More Women

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Men have no choice but to start displaying a measure of being at or in “zen” if they hope to attract the right caliber of women into their lives. If you are on the process of meeting women online, they will most probably be interested in the level of peace in your life. If your mind is healthy, and you are at great peace with yourself, you stand a very good chance of attracting women into your life. Moreover, if you are at war with yourself, and your mind is unhealthy, your chances of winning over women into your life are very slim. If you want to succeed you must learn to work on developing your inner peace.

Why is it Important for Men to Find Inner Peace Before Meeting Women Online?

Contrary to what many people believe, inner peace in men is an important attribute. If you are working on meeting women online, you also need to make sure that your inner peace is not in question or in any doubt. While it is a given fact that you are the only one who can tell whether you are truly at peace, people can also differentiate between a person at peace and one who is not. There are a number of traits you can easily notice in a man who has found inner peace. Some of these traits are identified and explained below.

If you Accept What You Can’t Change, You Have Found Inner Peace

There are many things in life we can never change. An example is where you cannot change how tall or short you are. Generally, your physical appearance or features are aspects that you cannot do anything about to change, unless it is a physical condition which requires medical intervention. Consequently, if you have found inner peace, you will have no problem with the aspects of your body that you can’t change. You will be most comfortable and confident with yourself. If you start working on meeting women online after you have accepted this situation, it will truly help your cause.

If You Meditate A Lot, You Have Found Inner Peace

Check your level of meditation. If you are a man who never gets some time off to do nothing other than meditate, you are probably struggling with finding inner peace. This will not work to your advantage if you intend to continue towards your goal of meeting women online. Most women would ask you, or find very discreet ways of obtaining this information from you without your knowledge. There are many benefits you can derive from developing a lifestyle of meditation. Take at least twenty minutes out of your busy schedule to meditate on various aspects of your life. It is a healthy practice.

How Much Time Do You Spend Watching Nature?

If you are a person whose love and appreciation for nature is very high, then chances are that you already found your inner peace. This is also quite helpful if you intend to continue on your goal of meeting women online. You need to get out there and see what nature has to offer. There is a lot you can learn from such observation. The television and documentaries are quite good but you still need to be out there in person, either alone or with other people. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money. You can take a walk, or ride your bicycle in the neighborhood looking at nature.

How Many Times Do You Smile?

This might seem a bit insignificant. However, if you are truly at peace with yourself, you will have no problem in smiling with others as frequently as possible. It has been discovered that regular smiling helps you to relieve your body of all stress levels. You need to make sure that negativity is kept as far away from your psyche as possible. One way of doing this is to develop a life of constantly smiling whether things are working for good or not. Your friends and family might think you are crazy, but as long as your psyche benefits, your target of meeting women online will stand a better chance of success.

Don’t Focus Too Much On Self

It is true that a large population of people tend to focus only on self. The focus of many people is usually on their own problems and nothing more. The world is very big, and it most definitely does not revolve around you. There are many people in this world, and some of them have worse problems than the ones you are currently facing, have faced or will ever face. If you want to find inner peace as a man, you must start by being a person who reads a lot. Learn about the problems other people face in different corners of the world. This will help you to focus on others much better.

How Much Do You Care About Other People?

This point is closely associated with the previous one. If your eyes and focus are not only on your own problems and situations, you stand a very good chance of being successful at meeting women online. If you are at peace with yourself, you will have no problem with caring about other people, whether they are known to you or not. While it is so easy to care for people who are known to you, it is important to try to extend your reach to include strangers as well. This is crucial in the sense that when meeting women online, you will mostly be dealing with strangers.

Stay Hopeful at all Times

If you tend to give up hope at will, you are probably not yet at a place where you can say that you have found inner peace. If you are a person who gives up hope easily, then your efforts at meeting women online will not be as successful as you may have envisioned. You need to remember that things will always turn out for the better regardless of what happens at this moment. You need to talk to and remind yourself that everything will be okay very soon, no matter how hopeless they might seem to you. This is the essence of being hopeful right through the entire situation you are faced with.

Learn to fully Embrace All Your Beliefs

There isn’t a singly person on the face of this earth who is required to embrace your beliefs. This is something that you are the only person on the earth who can do. If there is a faith that you believe in, make sure that you are 100% behind it. This is what will guide you on your goal of meeting women online. If you want to see your level of inner peace and wisdom go a notch higher, you need to be a person of great faith. This will also help you to enjoy higher life expectancy, in addition to helping you to enjoy better health. Being a person of faith protects you from developing certain types of diseases.

Never Stop Learning

Learning is a process that ought to be continuous for as long as you are still alive on this world. Life presents people with different opportunities to learn various things on a daily basis. If you have found inner peace, you stand to benefit the most out of these opportunities. However, if you are yet to start experiencing inner peace, you will be disturbed mentally and emotionally at all times thus preventing you from learning from what life has to offer you. If you want to have as many answers as the questions you will be asked, you must start to invest in making the most out of these learning opportunities.

Why Looking Ahead At Legit Affairs Sites In Texas May Save You From Loneliness

Traveling is great when you are doing it for pleasure, but it isn’t so great when you are doing it for business. Being on the road, away from your family, and in a strange company all the time can get lonely and depressing. If you are constantly traveling to Britain and leaving you Texas home and family behind, you may want to consider looking at legit affairs sites on to find someone to keep you company the next time you have to set sail. Being able to find someone you have something in common with, and someone to provide you with a little fun for your solo nights, can be a really great change from the ordinary.

holding the hands

Don’t go sightseeing alone

The problem is that it is difficult to figure out which are legit affairs sites and which are not. If you are okay with an escort service you may want to just contact them directly and know what you are getting yourself into. There is nothing worse than thinking you are getting one thing to find that you aren’t getting even close to what you want. The best way to choose legit affairs site, is to look from your Texas home.

The best legit affairs sites will have the following characteristics

Stick with a pay per membership site. You may think that the free sites are better if you don’t want to get caught, but the reality is that the free sites carry very little about you, or your situation. When you are on legit affairs sites, they take your anonymity very seriously. Set in place are safety measures to ensure that you don’t have to worry about encountering fake scams, or profiles. When you pay to use the site, you are paying for higher security and more concern for who you are, and the fact that you don’t want anyone to know.

What about the free cheating sites?

A free site may not have the monthly billing cycle that you are so worried about, but it also won’t inundate your email inbox with thousands of solicitations for sex. The free sites will make it so you can’t even open up your email box. That will for sure send up a red flag to your spouse. Nothing says “I’ve been up to no good” more than having an email chalked full of naked women.

Is it legit?

The other signs that you are on a legit site is that the marketing of the site is suited to both men and women. If all you see in the intro of a site is naked women galore, you know that they aren’t targeting women, nor do they care if women join. When you see that type of site you know that they are trying to manipulate you by playing on your desires. What that also says is that they are missing the key component to any dating site, the woman. If they don’t care if there are women on their site, they are likely supplying other things like escort services and prostitution. If they don’t want real women, that says they don’t want the competition and it probably is a scam. Before choosing a site think about what the advertising of it says.

domino romance hearth

Online dating is the best way to have an overseas affair

Another sign that the site you are on is not legit is if you are getting beautiful women blowing up your email address begging you to have sex with them. Don’t get me wrong I am sure that you are plenty attractive enough, but do you have sexy women throwing themselves all over you in public? If it isn’t happening in real life, it isn’t happening for real on dating sites.If you want to find a site that is legit, the best thing to do is to try more than one at a time. There is no rule that says you can only be on one dating site at a time. By placing yourself on many sites at the same time you are increasing the likelihood that someone will contact, or choose you. If you don’t want to spend your nights alone, making sure you are upping your chances is a good idea.Cheating is such an ugly word, right? There is no harm at wanting a little company when you are traveling in Britain from Texas. Being alone is never fun! You don’t have to do anything naughty, unless you want to. Sometimes it is just nice to have the companionship of a beautiful woman. Take the time to look through the sites before you go so that you have someone to hang out with, once you are there. Legit affair sites are the best way to ensure that you are never lonely when you are traveling to distance places.

The Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

Relationships are difficult to keep going unless the people in them are both content. Many couples don’t have the fortitude to stand up to the problems that are in their relationships and will break up instead of trying to fix them.


Couple on a street

Often, it is your fault that things are going wrong in a relationship and you’ll realize it far too late. Other times, you’ll realize that the problems are coming from an external source.

It’s never easy to instigate a break up and no matter how you do it, there is going to be some heartbreak. Making sure you break up with your partner in the least damaging way is something that you should aim for, so as a warning, I’ve written my thoughts on the worst ways to break up with someone.

Many people need a little extra help breaking up with their partner. Whilst having a drink or two before the breakup can help you steady your nerves and such, it is never a good idea. When people have been drinking, it alters the hormones in their body and judgment is impaired. Some people get violent, whilst others just break down in to tears. Alcohol and drugs amplify certain parts of your brain’s activity and because of this the effects can vary wildly. You need your wits bout you in the case of a break up though, so drinking to a stupor before saying those lines to your partner is a terrible idea. Make sure that you and your partner are both level headed and sober!

Assuming you keep mind-altering substances out of the picture, the best breakups happen through true communication, open and balanced. A lot of people decide that rather than doing that, they will just ignore their partner until they break up with them, rather than confronting the issue as a partnership. This shows you have no respect for your partner, you don’t care about heir feelings and that you don’t have the guts to exit out of the relationship on your own terms. When you avoid your partner, you are going to be causing them a lot of emotional pain, especially when they care for you and want to know what is wrong. Don’t play around with other people’s emotions, this is a cowards thing to do and shows that you are not mentally stable. If you do this a lot, your friends and family will find out about it and they won’t be too happy, thinking that you might end up doing it to them in the future.

A lot of couples break up after anniversaries, birthdays or other milestones in a relationship.  I imagine that the reason behind this is that one of the people in the relationship didn’t want to break up with someone quite so close to a milestone and that they should wait until after to make it easier on the other person.  This makes no sense to me, as in addition to breaking up with them; you are lying to them until the day you break up with them. This is especially true if you are waiting until after your anniversary. If you are waiting only to see whether the relationship will improve and get better, that is an entirely different matter, however.

I’ve also heard stories of people breaking up in public, by pretending they are taking their partner out on a date and they break up with them in the restaurant. You might think this is a fantastic idea, meaning that you won’t have to put up with your partner making a scene because there are people around and they won’t get the chance to vent at you.


Woman walking away from him

This isn’t true. If you scorn your date in public, embarrassing them and making them feel worthless, you can be sure they are going to make a scene. If you don’t value the person you have spent lots of time with enough to allow them to talk to you about the whole thing and or shout and cry about it, perhaps you are not ready for relationships in the first place. It’s a sad day when I have to tell people not to do these kinds of things.

The only way that is worse than keeping someone hostage at the pub or dinner table is by breaking up with him or her when you are not there. The other break up methods are almost kind in comparison to breaking up with someone via text or phone call and you should never break up with someone like this unless you really can’t help it. It isn’t nice and shows a complete lack of character and willpower. You loved and trusted this person but you don’t have the time of day for them to get a little mad at you?

Read This Before Jumping In To A Friends With Benefits Relationship

I can’t believe that there is a single person who hasn’t thought about the idea of friends with benefits with their best friends before. What could go wrong, right?

They know a lot about you, you might have told them the things you like in a relationship and maybe even about the things you like to do whilst having sex. So, why wouldn’t you want to change your relationship with your friend to friends with benefits status?

Positive Aspects

When you find a new date or partner, people often worry that they won’t get along with their friends and family and if you are already friends with the person you end up dating, you’ll not have to worry about these kinds of things.

Most people want their friends with benefits to fill in any gap when they are not in a relationship. It seems like a great idea and when done correctly, it is. You can have some fun when you are both single and then if one of you finds someone to date, the relationship gets postponed for a while. Assuming you don’t pick the best of your friends, it won’t matter too much if things do get awkward.


Woman pinching her boyfriend on the cheek

Choose The Right Person

When you are picking one of your friends to bring this up with, make sure you pick the correct person out of your friend group. You want to find someone who isn’t going to get romantically attached to you and someone that will not star talking about the relationship to the rest of the people you know. Picking clingy or needy friends is going to be a bad plan because when one of you decides that it is time to end the relationship, you’ll end up with someone who is particularly upset about the whole thing. Many relationships like this end up ruined because someone develops proper feelings for the person, when that isn’t the point of the relationship. To begin the relationship, you need to make sure that you are both on the same page in the relationship. This can be done in any number of ways, but you need to make sure that you both know the rules.

To being with, you need to make sure you don’t see each other as often as you might see a real boyfriend or girlfriend. This is so you don’t become romantically attached to them. Make sure that both parties in the relationship understand that you are just having fun. Whilst I am nailing this point home, it is so important that it warrants being repeated.


Couple each other’s company

Before you actually jump in to bed, make sure you both go to the sexual health clinic and get yourselves tested. Having dangerous sex isn’t fun or interesting and you’ll regret missing this step out, even if it does seem a little awkward.

If you end up sleeping with someone else in the time you are with your friends with benefits, you need to tell them as this means the relationship will be as safe as possible.

The person you pick really matters. If you pick your best of best friends, when the relationship breaks up, you might not get along with them quite as much and you will regret the relationship. Pick someone you enjoy spending time with, but not someone that you know so well as to know the names of all of their pets.

Make sure that when you are discussing the idea of the relationship with your soon to be sexual partner that you make it clear that if one person gets attached, it is time to call the whole thing off and make it so that you are just friends again. This keeps you from experiencing a proper break up down the line when someone enters a ‘real’ relationship.

Whilst I caution heavily against it and point out many of the risks of a friends with benefits arrangement, there is no reason why after you both spend a little more time together that you don’t try and give the relationship a real go. Many people have been brought together by these styles of relationships over the years and you could also be one of them. I know a few married couples that started out by fooling around a little and there’s no reason that you and your soon to be partner cannot join them.

Remember, this is all about enjoying yourself and having fun. If you are not having fun, you should talk it over with your partner. There may be many reasons why you are not enjoying yourself and you must bring these things up. After all, if you are not enjoying yourself and having fun, where is the benefit of losing a friend?

Player of the season: after Messi, Ribéry!

Continuing on from last season, Lionel Messi again tops the CIES Football Observatory ranking for the best performing player in 2012/13. However, the second ranked player, Franck Ribéry, almost achieves the same performance levels. This should make him a serious outsider for the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or award.

Based on data provided by our partner OptaPro, the CIES Football Observatory rankings take into account pitch productivity in five key areas of the game: shooting, chance creation, take on, distribution and recovery (see below for more details). By weighting each indicator according to the strength of its correlation with club results, we obtain a general index highlighting the most decisive footballers.

Rankings of the ten best performing players in the five major European championships can be found in the final Big-5 Weekly Post of the season. This can now be downloaded here.

Barcelona players feature at the top of three rankings out of the five concerning the key areas of the game covered by our analysis: Messi for shooting, Iniesta for chance creation and Xavi for distribution. This demonstrates that the recent success of the Catalan side is not only due to great individual talent, but is also the result of optimal labour division and the distribution of complementary skills amongst their team. Ribéry was the most productive and efficient player for take on, while Chielllini tops the ranking for recovery.

Methodological note: specifications of indicators

Shooting measures the effectiveness of players to shoot and score goals, excluding penalties. Chance creation refers to the ability of players to put teammates into shooting positions, with particular emphasis on goal assists. Take on highlights footballers who are both productive and efficient in dribbling, crossing and winning corners. Distribution refers to the ability of players to make accurate passes, above all in the opposition half. Finally, recovery brings to the fore players whose tackling and interceptions minimise the chances for opponents to score goals and shoot, especially from close range.

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